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Constitution Wings Jurisdiction 

The decision to set up the Punjab State Human Rights Commission was taken vide notification by the State Government on 17th March 1997 under the Protection of Human Rights Act 1993 No 10 of 1994. The Commission started functioning on 16th July 1997. Section 21 (2) of the Act makes provision for constitution of State Human Rights Commission consisting of:

  1. A Chairperson who has been a Chief Justice of a High Court 

  2. One Member who is, or has been a Judge of the High Court 

  3. One Member who is, or has been a District Judge in the State 

  4. Two Members to be appointed from amongst person having knowledge of, or practical experience in matters relating to human rights

In accordance with Section 22 of the Act, the Chairperson and Members of the State Commission are appointed by the Governor on the basis of the recommendations made by a committee consisting of the Chief Minister as the Chairperson, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Minister in charge of the Department of Home in the State and Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly.

Keeping in view the provisions of Section 21 of the Act, the Government of Punjab set up the Punjab State Human Rights Commission through Notification date 17th March 1997.

Section 27 (1) of the Act makers provision for Secretary and the Chief Investigation Officer of the Commission and enjoins upon the State Government to make available to the commission:-

  1. An officer not below the rank of Secretary to the State Government who shall be the Secretary of the State Commission; and 

  2. Such police and investigative staff under an officer not below the rank of an Inspector General of Police

Section 27 (2) of the Act provides for the appointment of such other administrative, technical and other staff.